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Dr. Thomas J. Kinne

Dr. Thomas J. Kinne

Dr. Thomas J. Kinne (born in 1961) – TJK or TeeJayKay for short – studied English, American, and Spanish culture and literature, Film and Journalism at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (Germany), San Francisco State University (California, U.S.A.) and the University of Valencia (Catalonia, Spain), and he graduated in Mainz with a Ph.D. thesis (magna cum laude) on the American director, author, actor, and comedian, Woody Allen.

While still in college, he started to work as a freelance contributor and translator for well-known domestic and international clients. While he was employed as a marketing and PR manager in the tourism industry, he started to build his own translation business in the 1990s.


Working also in adult education, Dr. Thomas J. Kinne prepares the students of a local language school individually or in small groups for their upcoming business or leisure trips abroad. Apart from linguistic expertise, this work also requires cultural sensibility in teaching students to avoid misunderstandings and faux pas.


His work allows TJK to combine his various hobbies – travel, movies, literature, languages, and more – in a unique way. In addition, Dr. Thomas J. Kinne has repeatedly demonstrated his encyclopedic knowledge in his frequent appearances on TV’s most popular game shows, both in his native Germany and in the United States.