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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also translate into other languages?

No. We are a small translation service with a defined range of services and special areas of expertise. We do not aim to cover a wide area, but instead take pride in the quality of the work we do.

What do you charge for a translation?

It is impossible to give a general answer to this question. We cannot give you a uniform rate per word or page, because there are too many different types of texts. However, as soon as you can show us your source material – in part or in full –, we will be able to give you a quotation. If you already know the full extent of the work you require, we will gladly give you a final price, which we will consider binding – without any ifs and buts. You will find more information on our pricing page.

Do I really need a professional translator to translate from or into English?

You will find our answer to this question here.